Hi. I’m Megan. My last name is Boshuyzen and it’s hard to pronounce. You can thank my husband for that. I’ll give you a second to process the letters and try to figure it out.

You got it? It’s pronounced BUSH-HOW-ZEN. You can simply call me “Megan” or “Meg”, though.

Let’s change the world together! I believe that great design solutions can affect positive change. Everything I create is done with passion and love for my clients’ organizations and ideas. I truly believe that if we work together we can leave the world a better place for ourselves, our pets, and our kids.

I’ve spent a lot of time in different parts of the design world – branding, websites, printing – I’ve been taking it all in and soaking up the knowledge. I love the branding / printing world and love working with clients to come up with new identities! Some of my favorite brands to work on have been Bharat Babies, CrossFit Invulnerable, and HikeMF.

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