Hi. I’m Megan. My last name is Boshuyzen and it’s hard to pronounce. You can thank my husband for that. I’ll give you a second to process the letters and try to figure it out.

You got it? It’s pronounced BUSH-HOW-ZEN. You can simply call me “Megan” or “Meg”, though.

So when did I begin my design career? It started with Photoshop 7 in high school. All I really wanted to do was create desktop wallpapers for my computer. I remember my first desktop wallpaper was TERRIBLE, but I was hooked! I spent days and hours learning about Photoshop and following every tutorial I could find online.

I didn’t decide to be a graphic designer right away. I actually headed to Springfield College hoping to be a physical therapist. It became pretty obvious right away that the science courses just weren’t for me, and I spent my days making random pieces for myself and my friends. The next semester I transferred into the design program and never looked back.

I’ver spent a lot of time in different parts of the design world – branding, websites, printing – I’ve been taking it all in and soaking up the knowledge. I love the branding / printing world and love working with clients to come up with new identities! Some of my favorite brands to work on have been Bharat Babies, CrossFit Invulnerable, and HikeMF.

So what are you waiting for? Check out my work, and let’s chat about how we can elevate your brand!