CrossFit Invulnerable

CrossFit Invulnerable is my second home. I’ve been coached by the owner Brian Lowe for over 3 years now and have watched him take a small exercise group from the local globe gym, to his garage (where we began  unofficially as CrossFit Olympus), to our current home in East Windsor, CT.

When the name officially changed to CrossFit Invulnerable, it only made sense for someone within the community to create our new logo and identity. The community had a lot of ideas – do we incorporate a sword? Would the logo be horizontal? Vertical?

I walked in to class one day and discovered that a helmet was drawn on to one of the boxes – I immediately knew the logo has to look like a medallion. I snapped a photo on my phone for reference, and away we went. Below is the result! This logo is now emblazoned on t-shirts, sweatpants, and sweatshirts!