L.S. Flynn Books

L.S. Flynn Books is run by up and coming author Laurie Flynn. I’ve known and worked with Laurie for a few years, so when she came to me with her logo ideas, I was really excited to jump in! I found out we both have a love for “To Kill a Mockingbird”, so we used a bird as Laurie’s main icon.

These were the first round of logos. We decided that we needed to nix the orange and the bird looked too much like a bookmark. Seriously, apparently I was the only one who saw the bird here! You can decide for yourself.



In the next round we used a mockingbird as an example and figured out our typography:Print

We were pretty sure that we wanted to stick with teal, but ran the logo through a few color combos just to make sure we were right. Here is where we also dropped the gradient:Print


Here’s our final version:

Final Logo



Laurie also requested MOO’s square business cards. To add a little dimension to texture the cards, we printed the patterned back with a raised spot gloss. The results are amazing!

LS Flynn Mockup