Meet Ellie: The Bharat Babies Logo

Bharat Babies is a side project that I’m really passionate about. The company came about in late 2013 when Founder and CEO Sailaja Joshi couldn’t find accurate books for her daughter about South Asian culture. To date, we have published SEVEN(!) books across three different product categories!

Work on the Bharat Babies logo began in the spring of 2014. Sailaja sent me a message that simply said “Megan, I’m starting a children’s book company, can you make me a logo?” I have always enjoyed working with Sailaja, so of course I said yes!

The first thing we worked on was the icon:bharat-babies-concepts-24

First icon concepts


We jumped on an icon pretty quickly and began work on the typeface. At first we also wanted the icon to look textured:

First complete concepts


From here, we changed the color:

Switching to teal


We let the icon sit overnight, and decided it needed to change:

Evolution of Ellie


As you can see in the concepts above, we moved from looking a little more “hand drawn” to crisper lines. This was to make the shapes easier to read and scale.


Our First Logo


In the end, we landed on a thinner font called Satellite. Satellite conveys friendliness while remaining readable in short bursts. With the tagline, we opted to go with Allegreya Sans. Allegreya Sans is more readable in large chunks and is hosted by Google, which allows us to use it on our website for consistency. Even though both fonts are sans-serif, Allegreya Sans’ characters are definitive enough to not clash with Satellite.

We stuck with the original logo for two years. Recently, we decided it was more beneficial to remove the tagline and include the website instead: